[messages] [Technical Support & Bugs] Sync issues: connection, engine or module problem?

zschub mattb at classforge.com
Mon Mar 14 21:28:19 MST 2011

Hi there, playing the very awesome Twilight Struggle module (latest
vassal+module versions) via the VASSAL server, we started to see sync
issues where the GUI between one player and the next was different. We
checked the user guide (RTFM? amazing... we complied) and understood the
sync concept.

Problem was:

- we only detected sync loss by a parallel conversation in skype,
- there was no evidence that the connection to the server had failed
(but can't rule out a brief drop out in our connections),
- recovery using 'syncronize' worked two times in six (after a failed
sync, we'd variously restart vassal, rejoin the game, reload the
"master" from a save game, reboot our boxen etc) showing something like
"sending game state..." - but this would appear several times over a few
minutes where the total .vasv file is 60kB.

So my questions:

- for sync loss, what are the ordered list of most usual suspect:
perhaps "connection, actual server, module, engine"?

- assuming a connection to the server (or peer to peer), shouldn't it be
possible to implement and display sync loss detection?

- how can we support the cause by collecting logging data to help debug
this - and should it be vectored into the vassalengine world or into the
module support forums?

- if a connection to the vassal server is a likely problem, is adopting
peer to peer a better bet?

Bit of a vassal n00b, have done the basic search for similar issues in
the forum, happy to be directed to a thread explaining all this if I've
failed in my search. :-)

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