[messages] [Developers] Tracker ids 3463, 3465 and 3472

Joel Uckelman uckelman at nomic.net
Thu Mar 17 04:17:28 MST 2011

Thus spake bobd:
> I have committed fixes for the following to bobd-bugfixes3.1
> Bug 3463 - Infinite recursion if $PieceName$ specified as Text Label
> SVN revision 7658
> I think I am the only one who has hit this one.
> Bug 3465 - Empty DynamicProperty causes IllegalStateException on loading
> SVN revision 7659
> This was traced to a propblem with SequenceEncoder that I think is the
> culprit for many of the "IllegalStateException No state for Decoder",
> and the older "NoSuchElementException in
> SequenceEncoder.Decoder.nextToken", bugs.
> Bug 3472 - Initial value of DynamicProperty is not getting evaluated
> SVN revision 7660
> This was something I wanted, no one else has asked for it.

I'll try to review these soon. I'm finding that I'm being overtaken
by events right now...
> Should I mark these as TRIAGED?  (I only have the option of TRIAGED,

TRIAGED indicates that someone has looked at the bug, verified that it
is a bug, and also not a dupe of an existing bug.

ASSIGNED indicates that someone has comitted to working on the bug.
(However, take this with a grain of salt---there are many bugs assigned
to me which I intend to work on, but I'm not working on presently.)
If you're working on a bug, you should also assign it to yourself. Right
now, everything is assigned to me by default.

RESOLVED means that the bug is fixed and code committed to the repo.

> And re: bug 3465 - Do you want me to mark those I think are duplicates
> as such?

Yes, please do.

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