[messages] [Module Design] Counting Action Button uses?

dennycrane dennycrane1414 at yahoo.com
Thu Mar 17 08:36:00 MST 2011

I'm working on a module where in the game, a number of locations can get
damaged (30), and if all 30 damage tokens are used up, then the game
ends.  Originally, I made a deck for the damage tokens, and attached a
text item to count the cards in the deck, so you could always see how
many were left (and panic accordingly).  But it was really tedious
dragging the counters from the deck and moving them to the different
locations, so I've now made spaces on the locations that you can click
on and the damage token will pop on.  That works so much better, but now
I'm wondering if there's a way I can count how many of those that I've
activated, so I know if/when it's hit 30 without having to always count
them by sight.  I have the Invoke Key Command for the Action Button for
the location damage tokens as "CTRL D".  Is there some way to track and
show via Text Label the number of times that Key Command has been
invoked?  If so, how exactly do I word it in the Text Label?  Or is
there another way that needs to be done?

Thanks much.

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