[messages] [Module Design] Module Map Repaint Very Slow

Joel Uckelman uckelman at nomic.net
Fri Mar 18 02:25:33 MST 2011

Thus spake mroyer:
> As a noob on my first module attempt I've run into an issue.
> When I load up the module to play and put a bunch of counters on the
> map, the computer bogs down and takes a very long time to repaint the
> map as move it around.  At first I thought it was the map size (an 8 MB
> jpg) so I did some cleaning of the scan and got the map down to about 3
> MB and still the same problem, although not quite as bad.
> So, I went extreme and created a one-color "map" image the same pixel
> size of the original map.  The pseudo-map is only a 42 KB jpg image.  I
> loaded it and it also exhibits the issue.  So, perhaps it's counters? 
> Each counter is about a 4 KB jpg image.  I have perhaps 150 on the map
> which doesn't seem like an excessive amount to me.

Image file size is completely irrelevant for image rendering. What is
relevant is image dimensions. How wide and high is your image?

What module is it that you're using?

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