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Fri Mar 18 06:12:57 MST 2011

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"uckelman" wrote:
> It would help for troubleshooting if you could put your module
> somewhere
> that we could download it.

That would be great.  Thanks for any help!


Caveat: The .vsav file was saved when I had a larger map (3846x3348) and
counters (70x70) so all the counters are offset from the current
hex-grid.  The current module has a map at 2884x2511 and 50x50 counters.
 Intuitively it doesn't seem like that should be relevant to my issue,
but as I uploaded the files it occurred to me maybe it is a factor.

(Also, just for everyone's info, due to copyright issues the finished
module will be for personal use only.  I purchased the game because
there exists a VASSAL module.  However, I discovered after the fact the
publisher won't allow the module to be distributed - therefore I'm
making my own so my friend and I can play since we can't get together
face-to-face regularly like we use to in the pre-kids days.)

[1] http://www.stprocup.com/non-website/AtStart1939B.vsav

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