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mroyer mroyer1 at comcast.net
Fri Mar 18 06:26:50 MST 2011

"Tim M" wrote:
> Its easy to blame vassal for their appearance but it's really not
> vassal that is the issue but the image format itself - but we've
> always known that and the reason this probably happens is (the blame
> vassal bit), when someone is using a utility such as photoshop or
> paintshop pro, these programs show your image how it's supposed to
> look while manipulating in them but they will let you save as another
> format without previewing (if you want to like any good graphics
> program) so you dont see your real end result until after you've put
> the image into vassal and you could end up with something like this
> example mod shows.  :shock: 
> One should always use the export/preview options the graphics software
> one uses provides as a result to know what your going to get. :)

This seems more like a graphics quality issue vs. the screen repaint
speed issue I'm facing... true?

-Mark R.

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