[messages] [Module Design] Automatically Move Counter to Bottom of Stack

Thomas Russ tar at isi.edu
Fri Mar 18 10:54:03 MST 2011

On Mar 17, 2011, at 6:54 PM, GamesOnTheBrain wrote:

> I'd like to be able to drag a counter on to another counter, and have
> the counter I'm dragging _automatically_ go to the bottom of the stack.
> I know I can use the down arrow to send it to the bottom, and I imagine
> I can use a Trigger somehow to do this, but since I want the trigger to
> activate upon being moved, and not upon a keystroke, I'm not sure how to
> do it.

I can think of two ways to interpret what you want:

(a)  Every counter that you drag onto a stack should end up at the bottom rather than the top of the stack.  The player can later move that counter up if they want to.  If that is what you want, Tim McCarron gives you a way to do that.

(b)  Like a, but only for certain counters.  You should be able to do this with a variant of what Tim suggested, where you check a property before moving the counter to the bottom.

(c)  Certain counters are always supposed to be on the bottom of stacks.  Players would not be moving them up at all.  If this is what you want, then you should look at "Game Piece Layers"

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