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Tim M timothy.mccarron at sbcglobal.net
Fri Mar 18 12:25:46 MST 2011

"tar" wrote:
> I can think of two ways to interpret what you want:
> (a)  Every counter that you drag onto a stack should end up at the
> bottom rather than the top of the stack.  The player can later move
> that counter up if they want to.  If that is what you want, Tim
> McCarron gives you a way to do that.
> (b)  Like a, but only for certain counters.  You should be able to do
> this with a variant of what Tim suggested, where you check a property
> before moving the counter to the bottom.
> (c)  Certain counters are always supposed to be on the bottom of
> stacks.  Players would not be moving them up at all.  If this is what
> you want, then you should look at "Game Piece Layers"

I was thinking of method B myself which is why I mentioned using a
trigger. You can bypass the trigger altogether with method A and just
match the key in the Map dialog field

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