[messages] [Module Design] How Is a Module Extension Created?

cgmclellan cgmclellan2000 at knology.net
Fri Mar 18 12:39:35 MST 2011

I've looked through this forum, but have not been able to find out how
to "make" a module extension in language that I could understand.

I have five modules (.vmod) that use the same units but have three
different maps. One of the modules has three different set-ups (.vsav).

I would like to have a single module (a Master ".vmod") that has all
five modules, including the one with extra set ups. Can this be done?

It sounds like I need to make extensions of the five modules, but I
cannot seem to find detailed -- and I do need detailed -- instructions
on how to make an "extension." I have tried to save the modules with
".vmdx" suffixes, but that doesn't seem to work. I have examined the
User Manual, but it only tells how to activate and deactivate existing
extensions. I have tried "adding" extensions from the ".vmdx" things
that I created, but the system knows that they are "fakes" and tells me
that they are not valid extensions.

So, how does one make an "extension" and then get it to work with an
existing module?

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