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Flaney flaney at yahoo.com
Sun Mar 20 03:32:50 MST 2011

Hello Brent,

I am trying to utilize your recommendation of using Global variables to
change the name of Multi-Zone grids.

My main map is a contiguous set of zones each shaped as a 'megahex',
that is, a central hex and is surrounding hexes. There are Deck pieces
that have an image of the megahex terrain. Each card in the deck has its
own name, for example, Asteroid Field or Nebula. A Card is moved to the
main map and never moved again (sets up player defined terrain); when
all cards are placed, the map is ready for play. Individual units from
the players ply the map on top of the 'Cards'. 

When these units move from one Card-Zone to another, it's reported as
"TerranPlayer moves Scout from Sector02 to Sector05". 
The Message on the Main[Map Window] Properties is: $playerSide$ moves
$pieceName$ from $previousLocation$ to $location$.

It would be nice if the $location$ expressed the name of the Card
instead of the Zone, e.g., "TerranPlayer moves Scout from Asteroid Field
to Nebula".

So I created a Global Property in each Zone named 'ZoneName' and default
it to the initial name of the zone. However, I don't see $ZoneName$ in
the movement message on the Main[Map Window] Properties to report
movement. When I add it by hand, nothing for $ZoneName$ is reported. 

Also, I included a CTRL SPACE key command to apply to every piece that
ends movement on the map. I use this Key Command to affect a trigger on
the Cards that would update the ZoneName with the card name using a Set
Global Property. Still see no change.

Could you (or anyone else) point out the subtlety I am missing?


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