[messages] [Developers] Re: Tracker ids 3463, 3465 and 3472

Joel Uckelman uckelman at nomic.net
Sun Mar 20 05:48:47 MST 2011

Thus spake bobd:
> Have fixed the newlines, the tests had Windows newlines so I have
> changed those in rev 7666.
> Embellishment.oldGetType() is fixed in rev 7667
> I don't wish to appear stupid (ha!) but how do I know which modules have
> custom buildables?  

It'd not a dumb question. The only way to tell is to check each module.
I'm not suggesting you do that. An easier way would be to ask some of
the more knowledgable module designers for suggestions of what to check.
I'm affraid I can't offer any suggestions myself here.

> Do you download all the modules on the Vassal site
> to keep an eye on what custom code there is in use?

No. Right now we have no idea how much custom code is out there.


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