[messages] [Module Design] Re: How Is a Module Extension Created?

cgmclellan cgmclellan2000 at knology.net
Sun Mar 20 07:03:13 MST 2011

Thank you for your effort to help.

You obviously have me mistaken for someone who knows something about
VASSAL. I know nothing about how to make a module; I can only import a
module. I use ADC2 to make modules; it's the only game making utility
that I can understand. The language used in VASSAL (and other
utillities) is much too technical for me. You really need to tell me
"exactly" what to do or define the terms used in a language that I can
understand. Pictures help sometimes. 

I'll continue to try things, but if you can provide any additional
guidance or direct me to where I can get additional help, I would be

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