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bobd bob__davison at hotmail.com
Sun Mar 20 12:57:05 MST 2011

Calling all Vassal module maintainers who have custom Java classes in
their modules, there is a bug fix in the next Vassal release that could
affect your custom Java code.

The behaviour of

new SequenceEncoder(null, delimiter);

has changed.  If you use this constructor with an explicit null it
should be changed to

new SequenceEncoder(delimiter);

You can make this change now as the two calls behave identically in the
current Vassal release.  

If you have code that relies on

new SequenceEncoder(var, delimiter);

to create an empty sequence when var is null then you will have to
modify your code as this will no longer hold true in future Vassal
releases (a sequence with one token of "" will be created). 


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