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bdgza bdegroot at gmail.com
Sun Mar 20 17:01:58 MST 2011

I agree 100% with making files human-readable XML, it should not be a
major problem to implement and have huge benefits. But making savegame
files completely human-readable XML seems to me problematic if that
savegame file contains hidden piece information – it would be perhaps
too easy for someone to sneak a peak at his opponent. Unless you'd find
a way to encrypt or otherwise serialize hidden information.

I hate the traits module, I can manage to use it, but I can't understand
it. Using keyboard commands as triggers is hell to use. Keyboard
shortcuts need to be separated from the events they trigger. Although
I've not used it much yet, Python is a language that is used a lot
nowadays for all sorts of application scripting.

I think Java is great in the way it provides a free cross-platform
environment, which is very easily dynamically expandable with class
loading, but it looks horrible. You can make Java apps look better, but
it takes a lot of work. For me the most important thing is that it
remains cross-platform. If you are going to do that without Java there
are not a lot of attractive options imho. There are some libraries that
provide cross-platform GUI libraries, but they will only look good on
one platform, or none of them, pretty much like standard Swing. Things
like GTK+ look worse on Mac than basic Swing. One solution to this is to
not use the OS widgets, but to make the interface completely custom
drawn, so you only need to design one for all platforms, and write a
foundation layer of code for each platform that runs below the game
engine and GUI code itself.

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