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bobd bob__davison at hotmail.com
Sun Mar 20 18:08:34 MST 2011

Interesting post.

I am new to the code base and it is a bit messy, there is not as much
separation between layers (not just the GUI) as one might wish, but it
is hard work keeping code clean over time.

A clearer format would help people to look and see what is going on and
allow people to edit outside of Vassal which would be a good thing.

Not sure I quite understand how the traits replacement would work but
you obviously see a way so it would be worth looking at further.

The server as a central point of failure, or overload, is not a good
plan so p2p seems sensible but I know almost nothing about it.  A quick
look round gives JXTA and the Java peer-to-peer sockets but it doesn't
look like a particularly active community.

The last point is very interesting - what ideas do you have?  

My native language is Java but that is because that is where the work
has been, I would prefer to use the more modern dynamic languages (Ruby
for example runs on Windows, Linux and OSX) as they are more fun, more
productive and require less coding (I have RSI type problems).  Speed is
ok and it easy to go into C if you hit a slow spot, and it is easy to
link in with 3rd pary libraries.

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