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bdgza bdegroot at gmail.com
Mon Mar 21 01:50:06 MST 2011

"bobd" wrote:
> My native language is Java but that is because that is where the work
> has been, I would prefer to use the more modern dynamic languages
> (Ruby for example runs on Windows, Linux and OSX) as they are more
> fun, more productive and require less coding (I have RSI type
> problems).  Speed is ok and it easy to go into C if you hit a slow
> spot, and it is easy to link in with 3rd pary libraries.

Ruby runs on all mentioned platforms, but it's not easy to develop GUI
binaries for all those platforms from the same code (I'd be happy to be
proven wrong on this). From what I have understood a lot of 3rd party
libraries are binaries (meaning they probably won't work
cross-platform)? On Windows you could use IronRuby with Visual Studio,
but it means .NET, so you are basically dropping Macs (I know Mono, it's
not exactly a solution). You could make a lovely Ruby Mac app with
MacRuby (from Apple), but it only works on Macs. You could use something
like GTK+, which I already mentioned has worse looking widgets than
Java. Or you can use JRuby which goes back to Java with AWT or Swing,
where we started.

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