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Michael Kiefte mkiefte at dal.ca
Tue Mar 22 05:58:09 MST 2011

I am entirely suspicious of Qt.  Qt has been in a license quagmire from day
one.  I agree it's a fine toolkit, but do you even know who owns Qt right
now?  Even if you do, the answer might change shortly (the answer is Nokia
who, last I heard, will likely be laying off all of their Qt people in
favour of Windows--soon they will be back to only selling tyres and rubber

Don't get me wrong; I really, really, really want to like Qt.  I even
purchased a cross-platform license years ago before concluding that it was
going to be a huge hassle in terms of licensing.  Even though it's currently
LGPL, it could be dead within a year.

Ultimately, all this is all pure speculation.  I don't know what's going to
happen to Qt or Java or wxWidgets.  We should absolutely arrive at a very
principled decision that is not only based on technical reasons, but also on
long-term prospects.  I would never veto Qt (if I had that power), but, wow,
it would take a lot of convincing to win me over.

So far, I hear wxWidgets, Qt, and Java (either Swing or JTK).  All are fine
platforms.  The real issue is ownership and long-term viability.  I'm really
not sure about JavaScript as doesn't really seem that powerful. And I'm not
really keen on anything that's interpreted (yes, technically, Java is
interpreted, sort of, I know, but still).

- M.

> I haven't been following closely, but the obvious (to me) cross-platform
> toolkit for C++ would be Qt.
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