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Timothy Mccarron timothy.mccarron at sbcglobal.net
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Most of the custom class stuff can be found in the VQSL branch because Brent 
wrote most of it. That covers about 70% of the modules with custom code. My 
stuff and Dominik's stuff is hiding there too. The only other modules with 
custom code not there is Mike's, George's, Torsten's and the Warhammer stuff. We 
could reverse the Warhammer classes if we had to check them seeing as they have 
been driven underground if necessary 

That would cover about 95% of the custom stuff I'd say. The other 5% is for the 
unknown oddballs not aware of :)

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That will likely have consequences for the ADC2 import code.  Have you done a 
search for this in the branch?

And why do we need to change this?

- M.

On 20 March 2011 16:57, bobd <bob__davison at hotmail.com> wrote:

Calling all Vassal module maintainers who have custom Java classes in
>their modules, there is a bug fix in the next Vassal release that could
>affect your custom Java code.
>The behaviour of
>new SequenceEncoder(null, delimiter);
>has changed.  If you use this constructor with an explicit null it
>should be changed to
>new SequenceEncoder(delimiter);
>You can make this change now as the two calls behave identically in the
>current Vassal release.  
>If you have code that relies on
>new SequenceEncoder(var, delimiter);
>to create an empty sequence when var is null then you will have to
>modify your code as this will no longer hold true in future Vassal
>releases (a sequence with one token of "" will be created). 
>Read this topic online here:
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