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bdgza bdegroot at gmail.com
Tue Mar 22 07:43:14 MST 2011

wxWidgets suggested by Michael looks like a good cross-platform
framework. It looks to me like higher level entry for developers though,
so I don't know if the developers could/would make that step.

I checked out freeciv.net, done in HTML5 this week, and was very
impressed. But it runs the game processes on the server. I can't imagine
that would be what you'd want, more server strain. The code to do it is
complex, and that only runs 1 kind of game! Please don't consider
JavaScript, it's great for scripting web pages, but not for complex
applications like this. JavaScript is interpreted code, so you will get
a huge performance hit from that alone. You'd also need to use some
other means for the "GUI" with JavaScript, so you'd end up with browser
dependent display code (DHTML/CSS) which breaks every few months with
updates. Despite the hype nothing serious gets written like this. You
have web games, but they are either flash and/or very very simple. There
is google apps, but although nicely done, they do nothing as complex as
VASSAL. HTML5 adds a lot of features, but is far from final and there is
inconsistent support for it. Instead of JavaScript you could write an
application in Flash/Flex or Silverlight (ZunTzu 2 is planned to use
Silverlight), but the step to just making a desktop app with much more
flexibility in what you can do is small.

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