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Doggo mike at eleven-bravo.co.uk
Wed Mar 23 03:17:42 MST 2011


I want to create an armour counter but not crowd the counter face with
various numbers. So, I have created a property sheet for the counter
with the property Names Firepower, Range, Speed and Armour.

When I create the piece in play I have to assign values to these
properties for each counter placed.

Is there a way to place a value that is constant in the property sheet
so that I don't have to continually fill it in?

For instance, if I place a particular vehicle counter and click on
Properties, it will be automatically filled; Firepower 5, Range 10,
Speed 14 and Armour 6?

It may be that I need to use a different trait to do this and if so,
which one?


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