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Michael Kiefte mkiefte at dal.ca
Wed Mar 23 04:26:43 MST 2011

If all of the counters are in the same branch of the tree, you can right-click on that branch and select edit properties (I can't remember what it's called). It will allow you to edit all similar counters in that branch.  If they're at all different, the results are slightly difficult to predict, but it often works anyway.

- M.

, Doggo <mike at eleven-bravo.co.uk> wrote:

> Hi.
> I want to create an armour counter but not crowd the counter face with
> various numbers. So, I have created a property sheet for the counter
> with the property Names Firepower, Range, Speed and Armour.
> When I create the piece in play I have to assign values to these
> properties for each counter placed.
> Is there a way to place a value that is constant in the property sheet
> so that I don't have to continually fill it in?
> For instance, if I place a particular vehicle counter and click on
> Properties, it will be automatically filled; Firepower 5, Range 10,
> Speed 14 and Armour 6?
> It may be that I need to use a different trait to do this and if so,
> which one?
> Thanks.
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