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Lets say your visible shading uses the keyboard shortcut Ctrl A and you only 
have one map called "Main Map" (the default name)

In the editor you would add a toolbar GKC (right clcik top of module tree and 
select option "add Global Key Command"

Description field - A button that turns on/off visible shading for all pieces
Key Command - Ctrl A
Matching Properties - CurrentMap = Main Map
Within a Deck apply to - No Pieces
Button Text - Visible Shading
Tooltip text - same as description field
Button Icon - image your choice or leave blank
Hotkey - leave blank
Suppress individual reports? check mark on
Report format - whatever you want it to say

The important things are the Key Command field (must match) and the Matching 
Properties field (you need to apply the effect against something). It doesnt 
necessarily have to be against the map for example - it could be a defined 
marker traits on pieces or it could be a zone / board / location, even a layer 
level etc... but that is getting more in depth. For your purposes a marker trait 
or a map is easiest to use

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I did some searching but haven't spotted how to do this:

How can a button or "global" keyboard shortcut be assigned to a trait of
all pieces?

For example, I have an area of effect assigned to units with zones of
control.  A keyboard shortcut can toggle a visible shading of the area
for each piece separately.  I'd like to have a button or keyboard
shortcut (or both) to toggle on/off area-of-effect shading for all
pieces at once.

Thanks for any help,
-Mark R.

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