[messages] [Module Design] Creating a Hex-Grid

Doggo mike at eleven-bravo.co.uk
Thu Mar 24 15:05:44 MST 2011

I use photoshop for most of my image editing but it does not have a
method for generating a hex-grid.

Consequently I am using GIMP with a hex-grid creation script.

Unfortunately, GIMP and VASSAL produce their respective hex-grids in
different ways.

GIMP allows you to set the pixel length of a side of a hex,
point-to-point of a hex and side to side of a hex. Vassal allows you to
set the hex height and the hex width.

As a consequence I have been unable to match a hex-grid produced in GIMP
with a superimposed hex-grid from VASSAL.

I need to know one of the following; how can I produce a hex-grid in
VASSAL and export it to use in Photoshop as a transparent overlay/layer
OR what inputs are needed in Vassal and GIMP to produce hexes of the
same size?


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