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Tim McCarron timothy.mccarron at sbcglobal.net
Fri Mar 25 07:19:48 MST 2011

Yes I refer to using the Report Action trait - set it to Ctrl 1

Put what you want it to say in the report field - " $BasicName moves from
$OldLocation$ to $Location$ for example

In the map dialog you want to clear all the auto reports except for the 4th
one "Auto-report format for units modified on this map", set it to $message$

In the Key command to apply all units ending movement on this map field
enter Ctrl 1

Your units will now report everytime they move using the basic name.

The alternative is to use $PieceName$ but you must clear all layer name
level entries so it only uses the BasicName

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"Tim M" wrote:
> $BasicName$ but you cant use the auto report. you need to use the
> $message$ type report and give your pieces a report trait

I don't understand "$message$ type report" and it seems the "report"
trait (is that Report Action trait?) is triggered off a key-stroke and
not a piece movement.  What am I missing?

-Mark R.

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