[messages] [Module Design] Rotation, Altitude and Layers

Doggo mike at eleven-bravo.co.uk
Sat Mar 26 02:53:38 MST 2011


Here's one that is giving me problems....

I know how to rotate an image using layers so I can rotate a counter
through increments of 60-degrees to indicate hex-side facing.

Now, if this counter is an air unit it can have the following values;
Cruise, Nap of Earth (NOE) and Ground.

Again, I know I can use the Layer Trait to change the 'altitude' of the
counter to indicate which level it is at.

My problem is this: how do I use layers (or possibly a different trait)
to rotate the counter and increase/decrease its altitude?

The counter displays the current altitude of the counter as text on the
counter face.

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