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Michael Kiefte mkiefte at dal.ca
Wed Mar 30 06:12:36 MST 2011

> * Swing bugs

You could substitute those with SWT bugs!

> * Image loading bugs

I doubt that would improve with SWT.  If anything, SWT is harder to work
with, but it looks nicer.

> * Jumping through hoops due to heap sizing

That problem will never go away.

> * Mac support

Which is declining apparently.

> * Hard-to-troubleshoot launching problems

I haven't been paying much attention to that.

> * Whether the desktop ecosystem is dying

In Java specifically or with desktops in general?  Desktops will be around
for quite a long time and there is even some evidence they have gained on
game consoles.  But Java may be dying on the desktop.

In other news wxWidgets posted a new release yesterday, so at least they're
active.  Working with wxWidgets is not without some pain, but at least we
can contribute fixes.  Qt is still out there, but there's a lot of news
about whether Nokia will even exist in 5 years given some controversial
decisions they've made.  Although KDE may save it, KDE will likely not care
about development on new platforms.

wxWidgets doesn't really have a good record of expanding to new platforms
either.  Ironically, what they really need is some corporate sponsorship.

Of course the main advantages of either Qt or wxWidgets is the vast number
of libraries available for C and C++. Oh and I forgot about GTK which is
very hard to use.  Has anyone compiled anything with GTK for Windows besides

I'm not sure who to root for.

- M.
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