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Wed Mar 30 14:03:38 MST 2011

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"uckelman" wrote:
> How would this work for people with serveral computers, who get a new
> computer or new NIC, or who have one machine (e.g., virtually all
> laptops) which has more than one NIC in it?

I imagine this would simply be a policy of whomever holds the copyrights
to a module.  They could require a purchase (or whatever) for each
computer or they could give a user up to X licenses (sort of like what
Windows 7 is doing - when you buy home edition you get 3 licenses).  I
don't think VASSAL can solve that question; but VASSAL can enable module
copyright holders to solve it in their own way.

"uckelman" wrote:
> Can you come up with something which couldn't be defeated in less than
> an hour by someone with the source code? I've thought a bit about
> this,
> and haven't been able to, myself.

Right - no security system is unbreakable.  In my view, were this sort
of VASSAL feature available, it would merely be a hurdle to prevent most
users from infringing on the rights of the copyright holders.  In fact,
it would act as much to channel honest users to willingly pay for the
module as it would to prevent dishonest ones from stealing it.

We're not protecting national secrets after all; just trying to make
game companies feel that they have some sort of nominal protection
regarding letting their materials be copied electronically and give them
a method to get some remuneration for having done so.

-Mark R.

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