[messages] [Module Design] Re: How Is a Module Extension Created?

cgmclellan cgmclellan2000 at knology.net
Thu Mar 31 15:08:31 MST 2011

Absolutely impossible. I have tried many ways but cannot create an
extension. Can anyone provide better detailed instructions? 

I have a VASSAL module with a map of Crete. All the counters are in the
Tray. The counters in theTray are used in three different -- but related
--games (Air Assault on Crete, Invasion of Malta, and Assault on
Cyprus). There are different maps for the Invasion of Malta and Assault
on Cyprus (Malta-1940, Malta-1941, Malta-1942, and Cyprus). [Invasion of
Malta has different turn tracks and fewer airfields in the earlier

I want to add the four maps to the module, but I do not want to add them
to the Crete map or to each other. That is five separate maps using one
set of counters -- not all the counters are used in each game, but there
is some cross-over. The counters not used in any particular game can
stay in the Tray. 

I know that this is very easy in ADC2. One game with five scenario files
each senario having a different map. Can this, or something like this,
be done with VASSAL?

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