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Wed May 4 02:53:55 MST 2011

I am a student from Japan who was just accepted into graduate school in
America. I think this is because I used an excellent, non-profit service
that helps international students to get accepted by helping them to
develop a highly convincing personal statement of purpose[1] for
admission to graduate programs. I wanted to share this tip with you in
case you are an international graduate student interested in going to
graduate school in America.Unlike other Statement writing[2] web sites
on the Internet, we are a 'service' not a 'business'.This is because we
are Statement specialists who come from a long background of academic
and professional training and volunteer work in the advancement of human
rights, especially in the developing world, gendeer and racial equality,
human liberation, progressive communication, relegion and spirituality.
Most of the work that we do is on behalf of women, minorities, and
applicants from other parts of the world who wish to study in the United
States or Europe. http://statementsofpurpose.com/index.html[3]

[1] http://statementsofpurpose.com/index.html
[2] http://statementsofpurpose.com/index.html
[3] http://statementsofpurpose.com/index.html

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