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Tim M timothy.mccarron at sbcglobal.net
Thu May 5 12:12:52 MST 2011

"Flaney" wrote:
> Sorry, I posted this in wrong forum. Should be here.
> Hello fellow module makers,
> How does one make player boards (that have different initial units and
> economies, and powers) for each side that would be excluded from the
> game if not selected at start-up?
> For example, player1 chooses empire X. That Empire has two different
> setup boards. The selected board is used during play to hold At-Start
> units and economy (and any special rules). It should be visible to all
> players. The other board(s) would not be used (or better hidden) to
> reduce any confusion on selecting/viewing available builds and current
> economy.
> Since there may be (in later add-ons) more empires to choose from with
> their own multi-start setups, it seems cumbersome to delineate all the
> possible combinations as selectable scenarios.
> Please suggest some clever solutions.
> Thanks!

A couple ways to do this. One would be to use the Charts/Map option with
a series of tabbed maps so you only open the tab of the map you need
although this would not be a true hidden option.

To do hidden is more complex. 

In brief you would set up all the maps as individual Player Maps (hidden
from taskbar) each with a unique key command. You use the Main Map with
At start stack buttons which:

a) configures player map access (via GP) then deletes self and 
b) have buttons that access the specified maps allowed per a

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