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Acenoid ace-octagon at gmx.de
Fri May 6 01:17:39 MST 2011

Hello BSG Maintainers!

I hope that this is the "correct" address. We are regularly playing this
great collection of modules in all combinations and we wanted to report
a few minor glitches and issues:

Maybe you can check which ones could be fixed in a future version:
1) It can happen that the card draws get screwed up if players try to
pick up loyalty cards at the very same moment. Fix: We draw in player
2) Sometimes cards do not show up on the main board. Fix: Repeatedly
take the card to the hand and put it on the board again.
3) We have found that some cards in the "online versions" seem to have
incorrect activation / Jump prep symbols.

Water shortage shoot/no jump prep 
Water Shortage raiders/jump prep
Rescue Mission shoot/ jump prep
Riots launch/no jump prep

4) In the base game the situation report reveals all the investigative
commitees a player has because the card is not named "skill card" but
"Investigative Committee"

Other suggestions (not sure if vassal allows that kind of stuff):
- Updated references for pegasus / exodus
- Some button to autoprepare the game (put the raiders and cards in
place, draw loyalty for X players etc)
- Possibility to scroll sideways more easily? No need to zoom out when
placing some items to the right side of the board

Great work and thanks for the effort! It's really working well already
so these are just really minor things for an excellent module.

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