[messages] [General Discussion] thourougrough bred horseracing tracks at 1/200th

benny4589 benjamingreen001 at bigpond.com
Sun May 8 06:59:21 MST 2011

If the 14 major Australian horseracing tracks to begin with were to be
scaled down to 1/200th and put out for turn based use bear in mind 1
horse would equal 5mmx1cm and the width of the track around about 30
mtrs roughly 15 cm and thier are examples that books who can define how
to conduct races ie based on certain methods of logic and system so the
race can be clued into a more hobbie style the all important as well as
pitting your wits at it for a perhaps return if all is well
to acesses the the horse track and convert 1/200th scale and get the
tracks so that even though it will not fit the the screen it can be
scrolled to suit at a birdseye view  [in esscence a provider to people
who want to determine the outcome of horseracing through using certain
books while needing track for turn based style procedure]

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