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lancel lanceleu at mindspring.com
Sun May 8 19:59:38 MST 2011

I did some more testing on W2k VM 32-bit, XP SP3 32-bit, W7 32-bit and
W7 64-bit.  All of them failed but on checking the Filemon logs, I got a
clue when I noticed that something seemed to happen when glew32.dll was
loaded.  So I went to glew32.dll's SourceForge location to download its
latest.  After replacing the file, my W7 64-bit works but all others
still fail.  

I then looked at the log files produced by running the glewinfo.exe
utility that comes with the glew32 download.  The log files suggest that
the OpenGL binaries on my 32-bit machines are no newer than 2 whereas my
gaming W7 64-bit is patched all the way to 4.  I think that because my
W7 64-bit has a real graphics card, when its drivers were installed, its
installation package probably automatically upgraded the W7 system with
the latest OpenGL binaries whereas all my other 32-bit machines are
still using those default ones that come with the OS.  For example, I
think the glDrawArrays call works only if the OpenGL is at least of
version 3.1 or above.


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