[messages] [Module Design] Question about sending cards button

briareos briareos200 at yahoo.com
Mon May 9 12:13:14 MST 2011

If you look at the dominion module.  Each player has a hand that they
can draw cards from their specific draw deck (everyone has their own)
and everyone has their own discard pile.  If you look in a player's hand
there is a button for discarding the whole hand at once.  I looked at
the dominion module in the editor but I don't see where in that button
it specifies where the cards go when you hit that button.  For example
in the discard pile you can right click and send to deck and when you
look at the discard piles in the editor it has a menu in the properties
that lets you point to a specific deck to move them to.  What am I

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