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Lino lino.wirag at web.de
Wed May 11 08:02:19 MST 2011

Dear Yojimbo and TRagedy:

thank you for your work! I recently included the three missing official
expansions and some custom tiles in the SMALLWORLD-module; 16 new races,
15 powers, some markers and helpsheets, a new token tray and expansion
background all in all, but was (technically) unaible to make the module
shuffle the new pieces into the deck and make it ligthen up the
helpboxes as it should.

Are you able to fix this? 
Should be rather easy for you :)

I uploaded my mod-file here: http://www.file-upload.net/download-342[1]
... 0.rar.html

Thanks for your help,

[1] http://www.file-upload.net/download-342

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