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re 1. need to see the module, your description sounds about right so will need 
to see why its not working 

re 2. No because Vassal will only interpret the last marker trait called 
"Layers" when you have multiple marker traits using the same name (the others 
are automatically disregarded and considered overridden by the last one), but 
you can use a Dynamic Property instead called "Layers" and switch it there.

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I have created Game Piece Layers with the Property Name __Layers__

The Layer Order (from top to bottom) is: Air, Surfacr. Periscope,
Shallow and Deep.

I have also created a Game Piece Layer Control with the button text as
Layers, Hot Key is ALT L, the Action is Make Layer Active, and the list
for which layers are affected is the same as the layer order in Game
Piece Layers (Air, Surface, Periscope, Shallow, Deep).

I have a submarine counter with the Marker Trait property Name as Layers
and the Property Value as Periscope.

I have a warship with the Marker Trait property Name as Layers and the
Property Value as Surface.

Two problems;

1. I click on the Game Piece Layer Control Button and nothing appears to
happen - both counters remain visible and can be selected as if they
were still both on the same layer.
2. Can the submarine carry multiple Markers and be switched between
Layers from Surface to Deep?

What am I doing wrong?

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