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Gettysburg57 dnjeffery at verizon.net
Wed May 11 12:26:20 MST 2011

"Aries" wrote:
> Any news guys?

In the past few days I've sent Lars the final scenario for him to
incorporate, Scenario 4, The German Collapse.  So he now has scenarios 1
thru 4.  I won't waste time on the last scenario, Scenario 5, The Moving
Pocket.  It is a terrible scenario, not worth playing.  I have played it
over half a dozen times, each side.  It just doesn't work and is no fun.
 The Germans don't stand a chance.  Too bad, because it is the "real"
Hubes Pocket.  Done right, it should be the best scenario in the game. 
But it clearly was added without much, if any, playtesting.

All that said, when Lars has time to incorporate all this into the
module, we should have, for the first time, a very playable VASSAL
module of Hubes Pocket! :D

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