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zajuts149 zajuts149 at gmail.com
Mon May 16 08:25:48 MST 2011

Yes, Dave's diligence in making the scenarios has prompted me to get a
move on. All scenarios are incorporated. I'm in the middle of clean-up
of the counters. Labelling works, but the scenarios made with older
versions do not have this, so they have to be cleaned up by me before
publishing, or will have to wait to be cleaned up in v1.65. as a joint
effort, I would prefer the latter :oops: .

6 out of 7 KG counters are made. The last one only needs a name.
The Names chosen so far are: 
KG Bäke
KG Brese (of 14th Pz Div
KG Collin (16th Pz)
KG Frank (1st Pz)
KG Sandig (LAH)
KG Langkeit (GD)
All named after Regimental commanders.

Hopefully it may be ready by the end of the week.

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