[messages] [Developers] Re: Roadmap for VASSAL 4

Joel Uckelman uckelman at nomic.net
Mon May 16 09:25:43 MST 2011

Thus spake lancel:
> On my W7 game machine, I can see the counters with the same binary.  So
> the counters are blank only on my netbook.  Probably still OpenGL
> version issue here.  Maybe that also explains the crash as well.

What we need is a backtrace from your laptop for the crash, so we can
see where it's happening.

What kind of graphics hardware is in your netbook again?

If the program gets to the point of displaying anything at all, then
it's made it past the check that the OpenGL version is adequate and all
of the extensions we use are supported. I can't presently think of any
reason why the pieces should be blank but the map tiles ok---they're
loaded and rendered in almost the same way. Is every piece blank? Could
you post a screenshot?


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