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uckelman uckelman at nomic.net
Mon May 16 15:11:14 MST 2011

"lancel" wrote:
> The full screenshot exceeds the limit allowed to upload.  I can send
> it to you via email.
> Reading off the numbers from the Control Panel, the netbook's total
> available graphics memory is 256MB.  System video memory is 64MB and
> shared System memory is 192 MB.
> I ran the same binary on my other XP laptop (using ATI Radeon Xpress
> 200M) that runs OpenGL 1.4.5014 and I could see the counters although
> the app did crash on exit.

Thanks for sending the screenshot. I'm glad I asked for it, because I
was surprised by what I saw. (I'm attaching a scaled-down version of it
here so everyone can see it.)

The order of texture creation for map tiles is from left to right, then
bottom to top. Piece textures are created after map tile textures. When
I saw the truncated version of the screenshot, where you can see the
blank pieces and the blank tiles in the top row, what I thought was
happening was that texture memory was running out---the top row and the
pieces are the last textures to be loaded---so I expected to see a last
non-blank map tile somewhere in the second row from the top toward the
right end. But you can see from the full screenshot that the rightmost
column of tiles is also blank, so some tiles are failing to get their
textures when there's still a great deal of memory 
left for textures.

<!-- ia0 -->blankcounters.jpg<!-- ia0 -->

I have a new theory about what we're seeing here: The blank map tiles
and pieces are all and only the textures which are not squares where the
width and height are a power of 2. (All of the pieces are 76x76, IIRC.
The map tiles in the top row and right column are not square, because
the dimensions of the map are not divisible by 512.) Support for
non-power-of-two (NPOT) textures was added in OpenGL 2.0; most current
hardware supports it, but it's better not to use it unless it's
necessary, because NPOT textures are slower and can't be mipmapped (or
can't be mipmapped as well).

I think what we need to do is ensure that all textures are made square
and have their dimensions padded out to the next highest power of 2.
I'll do that tomorrow, it should be easy.
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