[messages] [Module Support] Re: OCS Hubes Pocket v1.64+

zajuts149 zajuts149 at gmail.com
Sun May 22 15:00:22 MST 2011

Ok, v1.64 for is uploaded. Scenarios 1-4 are in. KGs are in. Counter
tray is rearranged, to my liking and hopefully for the better for
everyone. Label text should work and show correctly now. Please let me
know if there are errors. Be advised, I have not made any changes to
scenarios after they were submitted to me. To make them fully work, the
counters must be exchanged for new ones in v1.64. I want to do a quick
update to 1.65, and scenario cleanup will be the main effort here. If
anyone(besides Dave, who has done a great job with all 4) will help in
the effort of cleaning up these scenarios with the latest version
counters, I would appreciate it very much. Let me know if you will help,
and say which scenario(s) you'll do. Send me the new save game and I'll
put it in v1.65.

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