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ijthompson ijor808 at hotmail.com
Mon May 23 11:37:33 MST 2011

Hello, people!

Well, I'm about to set to work on a module for a game I've designed.
I've been scouring the numerous design documents strewn about the place,
as well as searching the forums for questions similar to my own. Still,
I'm not finding all the answers that I need, and I know that studying a
similar, existing module can often be a good way to go (I've already
picked up a trick or two from the excellent _Battlestar Galactica_, for
example, though that game doesn't have a lot in common with mine).

Mine is a two-player card game, with the tabletop separated by a
horizontal centre line. The two players place their cards 'head-to-head'
on their own sides of the table - i.e., your opponent's cards appear
upside-down to you, as do yours to him. However, when you mouse-over
your opponent's cards, it would be nice if the pop-up zoom would appear
right-side up, so that you can read them.

Are any currently-existing modules laid out like this? I'm sure this is
pretty common, but the various CCGs I know that work this way aren't
currently represented here. Any help you guys could offer would be very
welcome!  :D 

(p.s: apologies if this thread should be placed in the Module Design
forum - at present, I can't see much difference between it and General

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