[messages] [Module Design] Vassal40k with SPACE HULK

momo momo at kanguru.pt
Mon May 23 20:48:59 MST 2011

Hi, everybody!!
I'm editing vassal40k and i put in what wee need to play space hulk!!

Now i'm doing the final steps "puting traits" for the tiles and i've to
include the blips
(who can tell me how i can make the blips that the genestealer player
can see wicth number they have without the spacemarine
player knowing it; and when the blips are reveled, the space marine
player can see it too)

Of course when it'll be finished by tomorrow normally, i'll give the
vassal40k with space hulk for the people who want-it.

i've already a screenshot that's great!!

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