[messages] [Module Design] Re: Vassal40k with SPACE HULK

momo momo at kanguru.pt
Mon May 23 21:54:55 MST 2011

well i've attempted the blip, here what i've made:
Current traits:
basic piece  ok!
mask: can be masked by every one (for solitaire or more than 2 players,
of course only the genestealer player should use this option! with ctrl
up you can switch side of the blip, to show it Unconverted and again
ctrl up to CONVERT IT).

I think it's good like that but how can i make that when the genestealer
player take the blip from the stack, only him can see how much
genestealer there is, then he can see is value each time he want without
the space marine player knowing it until being converted?

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