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momo momo at kanguru.pt
Mon May 23 22:44:08 MST 2011

Ok playable now, just a minor detail "how can i make that when the
genestealer player take the blip from the stack, only him can see how
much genestealer there is, then he can see is value each time he want
without the space marine player knowing it until being converted?"
now gonna sleep!  hum yes i almost forgot i've made rules to play with
eldar, tau, space marines or chaos space marines, ork and necron and
genestealers. Based on spaceHulk 1 and 2. NEVER SEEN BEFORE RULES BUT
each codex got it's how special rules.
Exemple: for the tyranid player, before converting a blip, a 2D6 roll is
made and ??
Or each space marine chapter got it's own special squad with special
rules only for them etc etc

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