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ijthompson ijor808 at hotmail.com
Tue May 24 06:25:37 MST 2011

"mycenae" wrote:
> It's not possible in Vassal to set up different views of the same map
> for different sides.

Alas... the hard truth.  :cry: 

"mycenae" wrote:
> Is there a reason one player's cards need to be upside down to the
> opposing player? Or is this just because they're sitting on opposite
> sides of a physical table, and that's how they are placed (such as in
> poker)?

Yes, that's the only reason, really.

"mycenae" wrote:
> Seems like in the Vassal version, you could just have players lay
> their cards on the main board (that is, the main map window) to
> compare them.

I wanted the Vassal version to match the tabletop experience as much as
possible, but I guess I'll have to bend on this point. Thank you very
much for your help!  :)

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