[messages] [General Discussion] Re: Recommend a comparable module?

Thomas Russ tar at isi.edu
Tue May 24 09:16:12 MST 2011

On May 24, 2011, at 6:25 AM, ijthompson wrote:

> "mycenae" wrote:
>> It's not possible in Vassal to set up different views of the same map
>> for different sides.
> Alas... the hard truth.  :cry:

Yes, this is the main problem.

There is only one board view available now.  IIRC there is a request  
to add this in a future version of Vassal, but I don't think there is  
any timeline on when that may occur.

But it would be a good idea to consider an option to allow such  
flipping of magnified views when the alternate board view gets  
implemented.  It would be a useful feature to have available then.

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