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I designed a module for Kingmaker
(http://www.vassalengine.org/wiki/Module:Kingmaker). This game uses 2
types of cards. The first type are "Crown Cards" which are placed in
various (1 or more) stacks when utilised by a player. When the player
elects to place a Crown Card with others, they are stacked in a pile of
1 or more cards, and each card below the top one should have the bottom
1/4 visible, because the information on that section must be visible and
contributes to the value of the pile as a whole.

Now, I have an area set aside to the left and right of my game map for
players to place their visible Crown Cards. I currently have these cards
set to unstack, thinking that places could just place them and use them
that way. However, I noticed when the stacks are moved around that
Vassal will draw the cards sometimes in the wrong order, and I also
noticed when I loaded a saved game, that the cards now all had their
back visible.

I under these are 2 separate issues with my module. I read in another
posting in this forum that Vassal will not draw the cards correctly if I
place them this way. Is there someway I can tell it to stack the cards
so that each card above the first card is placed about 1/4 of the card
height "up" the page i.e. so that the lower 1/4 of each card below the
top card is always visible in the stack?

The second issue I think relates to my cards. I don't think I understand
how card backs and masking works well enough. Essentially, for ANY card
taken from the deck and placed on the map it SHOULD ALWAYS be visible
face side up. Well, a player could flip the card, I don't mind that, but
I don't want the cards to appear with all their back showing when a
saved game is loaded. Each player MUST be able to see other players
cards quickly and easily. Oh, there is a separate map called Player Hand
where a player may secret his Crown Cards invisible to other players
until he decides to bring them into play by placing them on the main

Any help or ideas would be greatly appreciated.

Scott Pitcher

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