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swampwallaby b.easton at exemail.com.au
Thu May 26 05:29:46 MST 2011

> The impossible thing is to have security when one player can take
> actions which reveal hidden information, and needs to do so offline.

Exactly. That will be a built-in limitation. Take the example of the
current 'Invisible' trait. Only an action by the owner of the invisible
trait can make it visible. No action by any non-owner can do this. The
hidden 'state' in this case is the location of the piece and the state
of all traits 'under' the invisible trait. And this hidden state needs
to be recorded in the saved games which will be human readable, so the
hidden state will need to be encrypted within the saved game. Making the
saved game somewhat less human readable :)

> So, for example, if I need to be able to take any one of your cards,
> or
> flip over one of your pieces, then my computer needs to have access to
> the data that's hidden so it can show me what card I took or the other
> side of the piece I flipped.

I don't believe I ever suggested this. As in the current Vassal, only
the owner of a piece would be able to un-hide or un-obscure it.
Non-owner clients will need to maintain this encrypted hidden state, and
save it, load it and copy it to other clients, but will not be able to
do any operations on it.

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