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Option 2 can be done executing a deck global key command using property

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When cards are drawn from a deck, there's an option to mask them from
other players, but there's not an option to have the card masked from
__all__ players, including the drawing players. 

This seems a strange feature request, but it's required to play the
two-player variant of Citadels. Because Citadels uses hidden role
selection, without modifying the role selection phase, each player will
be able to deduce what the other player has chosen. In order to hide
this information somewhat (as it would be obscured in a multi-player
game), the following role selection process is used: 

1. Player 1 draws a character, hidden from other players but not from
2. Player 2 shuffles the character deck and removes two cards __unseen
by both players__.
3. Player 2 then selects characters from the remaining cards. 

Currently there's no way to implement option 2; cards drawn from a deck
are always seen by the drawing player. If this could be added as a
possible trait to the deck, that would be quite nice.

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